4 May 2010

Photos from our fab day out...

If you remember a few days ago I mentioned about a Peregrine Falcon, that had, laid 4 eggs, and that I was watching the progress of her chicks online. Well my fab hubby took us there yesterday to see if we could see anything...well we didn't see much of her and her chicks but him well.....Oh he is stunning and his feet...they are like canoes ..thought you might like to see some pictures that Nige took

                                                 This is where she is with her little babies

                                          This is him on top of the 'J' on the Jury Inn,
                                        which you  see from the right camera view online

This is as close as we could get with the zoom on Nige's
 camera. Ain't he just gorgeous. We are planning to go back
in a few weeks so we can see the chicks a bit better
I just wanted to say thank you to Chris,
(sorry I can't remember the mans name)
 for all you help and just generally being fab

hugs xx


Angel said...

Hi shell,
Thanks for the lovely message you left,.
Looks like you had a fab day out, look forward to seeing more,
Hugs angel, x x

Spyder said...

Fabulous card for your DT Spot!! thank you for your lovely comments, it's all a bit scarrrry this blogging lark! I image sometimes that 'someone' will climb out of the computer and wack me one!! and then double check my webcam isn't on!!

Louise Emma said...

Awww he is a stunner hun, glad you got to see him xxx