2 October 2008

Card for Muslim family celebrating Ramadan

Got a phone call from my mate yesterday at 8 am...yes same one as always.."Shell I meant to phone you at the weekend, I need a card for a Muslim family" "Ok when for?" "Now !!!!" giggle giggle down the phone....arghhhhhhhhhhh says me...lol

Well after much idea bashing she decided on red and gold with baubles on !!!!!

Well could I find any baubles not a chance.....so this is where my bud Louise comes in....phones Lou up asks if she can help me.....yeah!!! no prob will email you......yeah me getting a bit more relaxed now....opens email from Lou they are all great decided which one to do ....then get another phone call...from so called mate have you done it yet....does she not realise cards take time and if shes want cheap n tacky go to a blurry card shop.....well she stressed me out that much I did a really quick card using GG board and Joanna Sheen bauble stamps...that OH reminded me he had bought me oopppssssssss!! Just to say she loved it and has order 4 more the same at £3 each lolololol so kinda glad she stressed me out.....A big thank you to Louise your a star hun...
take care


Louise Emma said...

PMSL at you hun, can just imagine you stressing like a chicken with no head! It is a lovely card and you can save all that other stuff for when you do your crimbo cards! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well it was worth the stress it is lovely and with more orders it sure was worth it.

val090 said...

That's brill. Sometimes the quicker the card the better they are!

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Great card, love the baubles, and with the extra orders more goodies can be bought.

Chris x

Anonymous said...

such a great card, love the baubles
well done
Lorna xx

Anonymous said...

remeber being on the phone to you while you were stressing over this one lol. turned out really well hun. kerry xx