11 November 2008

Back to normal (I think)lol...

Well after a hectic week getting the girlies back to school & Nige back to work :0( none of them were happy, they all kept saying we wanna go back to Louise's house...lol...well guess what we are on Boxing Day & we can't wait lol.

Well we had an absolutely fabulous time Louise & Ady are the most kind hearted people we have ever met & their girlies are beautiful and an absolute credit to them both.

Ady made me laugh so much I nearly peed my pants a few times, we haven't laughed so much in such a long time.

Lou your cooking was fab (not including the chicken LOL) I came home a stone heavier lol.

Georgia & Emily & our two Danni & Katie got on so well, no problems at all.....loves them all loadsa lotsa loads and we can't wait till christmas....thank you all so so very much for welcoming us into your home xxxx


Louise Emma said...

Don't mention the chicken you cow!!!!!!! Seriously hun, we loved having you all.... and we can't wait till boxing day... am gonna go all out on the decorations now!!

Anonymous said...

i wish you lot would stop posting piccies - it's making me cry :-( cos i couldn't be there with you all. kerry xx