18 March 2009

1 more of the 6 argghhhh lol...

Yes I know they were ment to be done for last night, but thankfully we aren't going to visit Nige's Aunty & Uncle till tomorrow....so so glad lol..... now I am confused ...I have got 8 cards to make by tomorrow night....Two for my mate which are the bloke behind the bar and Thomas the Tank, which I have done and are in a previous post.....Two for Niges cousin for his mom for her birfday which is the flower in the last post and an anniversary card for his mom & dad which is the silhouette couple below.....Two for Niges uncle a birfday one which I haven't taken pic of yet (Will do tomorrow!) and a box card that I have already done before and posted pics so no need....right ok thats 6 done...now I just need two from us to them for anniversary and birfday..arggggggggggggggghhhhh and I thought I was done....lol

This card I used dancing with shadows cd and my fav die-cut the daisey die .....just hope they like it

This card is for my mate for her mom for mothers day....it's a card kit that you just print, cut out and stick together. Perfect for when my hands are hurting and absolutely gorgeous I love it....



Louise Emma said...

I absolutely adore both of them hun x Lou xx

Craftyanny said...

Great cards Shell but I must admit that the second one is my favourite. It's really stunning!
Anne x

Anonymous said...

WOW, the mothers day card is just great, the colours are beautiful,
the dancer one is just so elegant, and i'm sure they will adore it..
Hugs Angel

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

2 stunning cards, I love the JS one and the flower one, well it's absolutely beautiful. Where did you get the kit?
Chris x

Anonymous said...

2 lovely cards Shell especially like the anniversary one.