24 April 2009

Gonna have a moan.....Sorry!!

Oh well, I will appologise for this before I start..sorry!!...I have been up since 5am and haven't slept all night...I went to see my Rhumatologist (sorry if spelt wrong) on Wednesday night, so expected to ache lots yesterday, because she gets me in some strange positions stretching my muscles and all that, It usually takes a few days to get over seeing her.....Well I woke up yesterday feeling great, a bit sick (not sure why!!) but didn't ache that bad...so me being me and me being a silly me decided to take Charlie for a quick walk, which turned into about 45 mins walk. Then after that I decided to do the ironing left from our hols (which took nearly 2 hours..)...after that I decided to get the step thingy out of the shed and clean the windows, oh and before that I had hoovered through downstairs and hung out the washing (towels which are no good for my wrists at the best of times), then I decided to take Charlie down to the school to get KT...so today I am really sore and achy and just wanna sleep...lol sorry to moan but I do feel better now, hugs


Jules said...

Gosh - I should think you do want to sleep after all that!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments you left. That was very nice of you.

It is just so amazing how many blogs there are and strange how we "stumble" actoss them. I am new to all of this and still have so much to learn - but I am enjoying it.

Lots to see on your blog - you have made some lovely things.

I'll be back to see you again.

Love Jules xx

Louise Emma said...

Oh for heavens sake, what are ya like!!!!!!!!!!!

Pack it in will ya or I will have to break yer legs when you come to visit me!!!

Massive, squishy, warm hugs for my bestest friend x

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh poor huney!!!!

You moan all you like hun, we are all here to try to cheer you up, i'm bit late but still sending you love and cuddles...
Hugs Angel