7 April 2009

What a crap week!!!

Well this last week has been a nightmare....we took our dog Charlie out for his usual walk, to a place we go to often (Croxden Abbey) and the poor thing got jumped by a great big fat overweight choc Lab...well my poor boy felt sorry for himself for a few days. Not sure how it happened but the big fat overweight monster landed on Charlies front foot and he cried everytime he put it down, that was last Sunday (I think LOL) and he hobbled around for a few days but by wednesday he was annoying me again lol...

Well I did make quite a few cards last week but forgot to take pics of them doh!!! and the ones I did take pics of I can't post because they are for my bud Louise...so can't post pics till she recieves them...

But there is one I can post pic of cus it was for a friends birthday

sorry the pics not very good but I was a bit drunk when I took it lol.....I tried to shape the petals so they had got a curve to them, I think the fibres on the side just finish the card off....my friend loved it
TAKE CARE Shell xxx


My'scardcorner said...

That is gorgeous no wonder your friend loved it

Louise Emma said...

Its gorgeous hun, I love that pink rose and the funky fibre finished it off a treat! As for being drunk in charge of a camera TUT TUT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun!!!

Ohhh beautiful card, yes the fibers finsh it off beautifully, really is a pretty card,
Ohh your poor dog, hope he is ok,
And you, well sending you lot's of get well cuddles..
Take Care chick.
Hugs Angel

Kay said...

Hope you and Charlie will be feeling loads better soon xx

Lovely card fibre just adds the brill touch

Kay xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Beautiful card Shell, love the fibers.

Chris x

Crafting Joanne said...

Stunning card Shell, so pretty.

Poor Charlie, I have quite a fear of big dogs, especially when they come bounding at you, my Moliie is only a cocker spaniel so quite little. Last week I took her for a walk to a place called 'Little Switzerland' lovely wooded area, and I'm starting to let her off the lead slowly but surely, then out of nowhere a humungous alsation appeared running towards us and barking, thankfully Mollie was close to me, and instinct just made me pick her up, putting all my fear away just to protect her, though I was frozen to the spot, then when it got to us, it just sat there with pleading eyes...lol, then it's owner appeared and called it back, no apologies, and they went on their way. I do wish people with any size or type of dog would take more care when letting them off the lead, this dog was clearly well ahead of it's owner and out of the owners site, how was I or anyone who meets it to know it was a big soppy thing.

Joanne x

chelemom said...

awww, I hope your pooch feels better soon! Love your gorgeous card!

Sylvia said...

Its Gorgeous Shell, love the colours and the rose.
Hope Charlie is a lot better now..

Sylvia R xxx