9 June 2009

Just so annoyed....

Well ladies my darling daughter last night came home with the most pathetic letter from school you have ever seen
Someone at Danni's school has SWINE FLU, basically he has been quarantined (sorry can't spell lol) thats was all the letter sed arggggggggggggggggggghhhhhh oh and that the kids were to goto school as normal....
Well me being scared of all that can scare me lol yeah ok tad paranoid....well I phoned up our docs and her being a kinda really nice doc (for a change) told me it was a year 7 teacher (Danni is in year 7) and a year 7 pupil has now been diagnosed.....
She advised me it was my decission as to wether I send Danni to school or not. So she is sitting here with me and shes gonna help me make a few cards for orders lol....
Can't believe the school I phoned them up this morning to say she wasn't going in...they asked why and I sed why do you think and the silly cow sed that Danni's education was more important than an over protective mom....oh she better stay away from me cus might just have to slap her lol
anyway if any of you here me OINKIN please tell me
hope you all have a fab day oink oink xxx

Thought I would post pics of a card I did in my craft class...I love the concept ofthe dept the folds give you It kinda puts the card in a frame and keeps it clean....would be ideal for those 'special' cards lol


Anonymous said...

Kinda understand where your coming from but ain't it a bit like closeing the stabel door? She's probably alrady bin exposed so bit late keeping her home now.

Anonymous said...

Swine flu, NO your not paranoid, my kids would not go either,
HUH, why is the school still open, thought they were meant to have a deep clean with a infecticous bug like this, you stand your ground hun.
OINKKKKKKKING for ya too...lol...
Besides that super card hun, so elegant, love the colours, GRAND JOB....
Take Care all of you!!!!!
Hugs Angel x x x
oink oink oink !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha just read the last comment....
Nah, sorry, exposed or not, a little more protection don't hurt no one...
would go to the ends of the earth for my kids, no matter how silly it is, but don't think this is a silly situation, AT ALL.
Hugs Angel

Sylvia R said...

Don't know who left the first comment Shell but I'm OINKING with you and Angel too I'd rather have my kids stay at home than be exposed to such a dangerous bug...(and yes Anon it can be very danerous if not caught in time)....
The school should have given more info on the letter that was a disgrace. You did the right thing.

When we went to Freeman we cut through Newcastle College and when we got home it was announced on TV that a Student from there had caught it.....well panic struck in so I phoned Ian's specialist nurse who told me to keep an sharp eye on him.
Ohhhh I've gone on a bit haven't I...lol

Fab card Shell..love the colours and she's so elegant.

Sylvia xx

Anne said...

You did right Shell, I would've done the exact same thing myself

Louise Emma said...

Now I am not usually one to point fingers but maybe the person who made the first comment on this thread should have spent a bit more time at school themselves! Either that or they don't have children themselves. I think you were 100% right to not take her in hun and I am sure many more parents at the school did the same thing. This was not just anyone within the school but a year 7 teacher and your daughter is in year 7..... you were right to be worried! And you know me.... I can OINK with the best of them. So, mystery anonymous person, go vent your pointless and idiotic remarks somewhere else because you are not wanted here. Am here for you hun, as always, whether you and the tribe are OINKING or not xxxxxxxxxx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Shell you are absolutely right to keep her off school..at least she is not subject to anymore germs until they have it sorted.

Cant understand the mental attitude of "closing the stable door"..

Especially as it was the teacher who is contact with ALL the pupils in her year.

Hope she is OK

From a loud and clear oinking

Sue xxxx

ps your card is beautiful

Cath. said...

I agree, you should be keeping Danni off school. Why take a chance with something like this. At least you have the sense to keep your daughter at home which must be helping to stop some infection one way or another. I hope she is ok and hasn't caught this horrible flu and thank you for helping in prevention.
Must say, your cards are lovely, Cath.Spain.x.

Pat aka Handy said...

Shell I think you did what many mums or dads would do and try to protect our children as much as we can. Some times it is impossable but you are right follow your own instincts.
Hope your dd is well.
Ps your card is fab

Karen said...

Shell I think you did the right thing - I know I would have done the same - hope Danni is OK
Love Kaz
Oink Oink !!!

Karen Lee said...

I would keep her home too! I'm one of those over protective moms!
Love your card!

hugs, Karen Lee

Wiccababe said...

what a bonny card Shell,
I would have thought the local authority and health service would be doing more - obviously all the kids and staff that were in contact with this kid are at risk

My'scardcorner said...

Your card is gorgeous Shell what an elegant lady and like the frame effect:0) Cant understand why the school wasnt closed they are in other areas when this happens Dont blame you at all and hope your daughter stays safe. Keep Well :0)

Norma said...

I am with you on keeping Danni at home Shell,why take chances with anyones health.
I think the school should have been closed as soon as the person was diagnosed.
Thays one gorgeous card,i love it

Norma x

Budge said...

Shell you did the right thing by keeping Danni off.
Love the card.

Jules said...

Hi Shell

I am sure that all the support you have received will confirm you have done right.

I would have done the exact same as you and cannot believe the school haven't been more proactive.

Mother's are like this. We would do anything to project our children.

Mine are now adults of 25 and 29 and still I would do anything for them if it would keep them free from any kind of harm.

Oh the power of a mother's love!!

Hope Danni is ok.

Take care Shell - love Jules xx

Wellnifty said...

Hi Shell, 100% with you on your decision to keep Danni off school, can't understand why they haven't closed the school.

Gorgeous card, love the lady and the frame effect.

Chris xx