18 June 2009

Thank you to my friends

Just a quicky about Danni....well the school didn't shut, there were protests and the local paper tried to get them to close but they wouldn't....we heard that on Monday the teacher who had 'swine flu' was back at school....I foned up my doc and she said the school was safe now...not sure how really cus they hadn't had any extra cleaning done....so Danni is now back at school and everything seems to be ok....thankfully...

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all you support over the last week ...emails, phone calls, text messages and for just being there, huge hugs xxx

Well this card was made for a very special person...my bestest bud Louise http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/ pop over cus shes got some fab cards and always good for a giggle....This card took me blooming ages, the cutting out around the edge alone took 5 hours...Lou has told me she is gonna frame it...the little darling lol...The thing is if I had made that card for a none crafter they just wouldn't of appreciated it, so it makes it worth while when its appreciated...loves ya babe!!

thanks for looking


Saskia said...

This card looks so elegant!! Lovely work!!

Thnaks for visiting my blog and leaving that sweet comment! :)

Enjoy crafting!!!

Saskia :)

Craftyanny said...

oh wow Shell that is just gorgeous, ain't Lou a luck blogger
Anne x

Louise Emma said...

Yep Anne, I am a very lucky blogger, but am also proud to call shell my bestest mate x The card looks nothing on the piccy, I am sorry to say...... in true life is is nothing but EXQUISITE and I will be looking for a frame asap to keep it safe.... Thank you Shell. lso thanks for the calls this week when I was poorly, you kept my spirits up and after a few days of feeling like hell at least I smiled once or twice a day because of you xxxx Big hugs my special mate x Lubs ya xxx Big husg for Danni, Katie and Nige too xxxx

Sue. said...

wow shell thats a real stunner and i would keep it forever as well. youhave spent so much time on it.That sdhows. well done to you. Louise you are so lucky to have a best friend make that. hugs xx

My'scardcorner said...

WOW Shell that is gorgeous no wonder Louise is framing it I would too:0) Glad you feel better about the school situation and Danni is back at school Hope all stays well:0)

Jules said...

Wow Shell - you must have the patience of a saint!!

I am sure your special bud Lou is going to treasure your masterpiece for always as she will know exactly what it took to produce it.

She must be one very special friend to be worth all that effort.

Love Jules xx

Spyder said...

wow, a lot of work has gone into this lovely card! Very pretty(lucky friend!!)


Angel's Delight's said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, Shell this is amazing, i agree the work that goes into parchment is unreal, you can sit for hours and hours and think you have acheived nothing, but when the results are like this it is a master piece and i'm sure it will be treasured for many years to come, you have come so far in such a small space of time, keep it up hun,

p.s glad the school issues are sorted now, you should get post tomorrow (friday) hopefully. x x x

Hugs Angel

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Wow Shell, that is fantastic, stunningly beautiful. You can tell a Whole Lotta Love has gone into it. Lou is one lucky lady not just because she is getting a beautiful card but because she has found a beautiful friend in you.

Good news about Danni
Take care
Chris xxx

lynne said...

wow fantastic card so pretty lynne xxxx

Lizx said...

WOW!!! Shell its fabby and i know how much time effort and sufferin goes into this tpye of card and i know Lou will always treasure it angel so well done hugs n lov Lizx xxxx

Sylvia said...

Shell what a very elegant card, and I know Louise just loves it cos I've just read her answer lol.....

What a nightmare it must have been for you....I'm glad you kept Danni off school when you did.
Hope all is well
Loads of Hugs
Sylvia xxxx

Crafting Joanne said...

This is absolutely stunning Shell, I so wish I had the patience for parchment work. Louise is one lucky lady.

Joanne x

val090 said...

Shell that is just fantastic. And lucky Lou for receiving it. I have just bought a beginners kit and I'm hoping to have a go soon .......so .....Watch this space lol