28 July 2009

Well I am so fed up of this weather rain, rain, rain, and more blurry rain. We were ment to be away last weekend camping (lol) but we decided as our campsite was on a cliff, we didn't fancy being washed away...lol

Anyway back to a few cards I have made lately. The first is a parchment card that was surposed to be for Nige for fathers day, well I didn't get it finished until last week lol....decided not to put it on a card, he wants it framing lol...

This corset card was blurry hard to do the card has to be just the right thickness to get the cups to go right.....so after about 20 different thickness of red card later this is what I came up with....hope you like it ..

sorry about the things in the background..it was either get Nige to take picture then or leave it until I remembered again lol


Jules said...

Wow Shell - two fantastic pieces of work.

The parchment card must have taken a lifetime to do. You have far more patience than I have!!

Your corset card is "out of this world" - perfect. I love it!! It reminds me of one of my DIL's handbags. LOL!!

I have been having problems getting onto blogs too as well as all my followers going AWOL. They magically all returned yesterday so hopefully Mr Blogger has decided to sort a few things out for us.

Take care

Love Jules

lynne said...

stunning cards well done lynne xxx

Angel's Delight's said...

WOW, well done you on the parchment card, looks fab, your embossing is lovely and white too, yep would look great framed.
Lurve the corset, what a fab idea, great idea..
Hugs Angel

Craftyanny said...

Shell just how long did that parchment card take? It's stunning!!!!
Love the corsett one too, very girly and different.
Anne x

nige said...

Who's a clever wifey. X X . Don't use all your patience up making cracking cards . I guarantee you'll need some of it for me Loves ya bab XXX

Sue. said...

great well done shell xx

Norma said...

Wow Shell that parchment card is brilliant,what patience you must have.
Corset card is fab

Norma x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Wow, love the corset, I've got the template but never got round to making it up, maybe I'll give it a go soon, lol..what can I say about the parchment card, nothing except its beautiful, it's gorgeous. it stunning, I'm running out of adjectives, but I guess you can tell I love it, definitely frame it

Chris xx

Liz said...

Oh wow these are really clever both really stunning work look forward to seeing your new projects
Liz xx

Louise Emma said...

You are a clever ole bugger aint ya! Love it hun, I have the template corset but haven't had the guts or the finances (considering the ewaste of card you mention) to have a go!

Spyder said...

Love the parchment card, never tried that! and I thought I was following...aw well...maybe I joined on a blog-wobble day!


Max said...

Awesome ... the detail in your parchment card is amazing.