15 August 2009


I am whispering so my nextdoor neighbour doesn't look and see her birthday card ....wasn't sure if to post it yet cus its not her birthday till 24th...but I thought if I whispered she might not hear and look lol...

Ammara's card is done from a Christine Coleman birthday flowers pattern...and as Ammara is such a girlie girl and absolutely lurves pink I thought I would mount it on pink....and for those of you that have got or have seen this pattern, you will know that its not ment to be 3d ....well I cocked up lol....I used my mapping pen on the flower, embossed all that, then started on the grid work without reading the distructions....well it said bold grid...lolol well I only used fine grid so all the measurement were wrong lol...so decided to cut the flowers out and do the grid work on another piece of parchment...got there in the end

thanks for looking your comments are always welcome


Jules said...

Wow Shell - what beautiful work.

I really don't know how you have the patience to make creations like this - it must take for ever!!

Those flowers are gorgeous.

Your friend is going to treasure this for always.

Enjoy the rest of yur weekend.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Hunnie pie...
Shell this is adorable, let you into a secret i messed this one up big style too, but my mistakes were not repairable, you have done an outsatnding job..
Take Care chicken.
Hugs Angel

Louise Emma said...

I am sure Ammara will adore it hun x Gorgeous work as always xxxx

Georgie said...

Lovely card Shell.You have done well

Max said...

Absolutely fabulous ... I didn't understand what you were talking about with grids and mistakes and stuff, but I can tell when something is beautiful ... and this project is exactly that. Your friend will be delighted with her card.


Sue. said...

simply stunning yet again I dont know how you have the patience. Well done xx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Oh this is just stunning Shell, if you never told us about the mistake I'd never have known, 'cos its beautiful
Chris xx