18 March 2011

TA DA! I've Got A Blog Award!!

I recieved this blog award from my blogging buddies ANGEL.... thanks hunnie xxx

The rules when excepting this award are you have to tell 7 things about yourself & pass it on to 7 fellow bloggers!! So here goes!!!

1. I have been with my grubby hubby for nearly 16 years.

2. We have two gorgeous daughters Didge (14) & Katie (13)

3. We have a greyhound (5) called Charlie

4. I have a leopard gecko called Freddie (after the gorgeous Freddie Flintoff lol)

5. I have lots of fab friends but only a few true friends that I will treasure forever!

6. I lurves any kind of sport from Cricket (COME ON ENGLAND!) through to speedway

7. I love sitting with Nige at night when the girls are in bed & playing Indian Jones or Batman LEGO on the Xbox (yeah I know sad! lol)

8. ok so I know its only ment to be 7 but this is really important ....I absolutely love being on all of my DT's & I think all the girls that I have met through my DT's rock!! & hopefully we will be friends for a long time!!

7 friends I would like to pass it on to....

all three of us are going away on a crafty weekend later on in the year ....I'm just hoping they don't snore lol x

Hope you show your award with pride ladies, because you all deserve it!


Angel said...

Hi Hun..

Your more than welcome hunnie..

Huggies Angel

Liz said...

Aww Thanks Hun I really appreciate this cause it comes from you I sure do miss ya
Love & Hugs

Liz xxxxxxxxx

coops said...

aw thanks shell.will blog my fab award asap.
hope you are still resting hun :D

xx coops xx