31 October 2012

Just A Quick Post!

Just to let you know my posts & commenting are going to be a bit hit & miss for the next few weeks. I don't usually use my blog for this kind of thing but I just wanted to let my blogging friends no while I might not comment on their blogs!

I got a phone call on Sunday afternoon, from Jess's mom. Jess has been our Katie's best friend for the last 2 & a half years & has practically lived in our house the last 6 months! Her mom was phoning to tell me Jess had passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning & she wanted Katie to be told before the gossip started. Jess wasn't 15 until the end of December, how do we explain to Katie why she has been taken from us? There's just no right answer other than a few swear words that Nige has used over the last few days. 
My baby is in pieces & I can't help! Every time I think of Jess or Katie mentions her I really struggle to hold it together because it could have easily been one of our girls!

Make sure you hug your kids tonight even if they are brats!!

Sorry to off load like this 
hugs shell xx

I just want to say thank you to you all, I count my blogging friends as friends & not just fellow bloggers. Hope that makes sense!
Katie says "thank you" & sends huge hugs xx


Craftyanny said...

omg Shell. That's devastating news.
Forget the blogs sweetie you take care of your Katie.
I'll keep Jess's family and yours in my prayers tonight.
(((((((((Mahoosive cyber hugs))))))))))

Anne x

Lisa said...

Oh Shell I am so sorry to hear this. Poor Katie must be heartbroken.

Love & Hugs

Lisa xxxx

* Shaz * said...

Awww Shell so sorry to hear your news, it really is a cruel world we live in sending you all especially Katie my love & hugs xxxx

Donna said...

Such sad news Shell, sending lots of hugs and thoughts your way and to Katie too! Donna x

MagsB said...

Oh love, I'm so sorry. Katie, you and Jess's family are in my thoughts and prayers xxx

*hugs* Mags B x

Wendy said...

Aw Hun I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain of her parents, my son lost two of there friends in two different accidents it is very hard to see the young pass. Soft hugs to you and your family thinking of you.


Teri said...

Oh bless hun. That is seriously crap news. Big hugs to all,
Teri xxxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Sending Ya big Hugs Wifey but you knew that anyways, Love Ya, Hxxx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Oh my goodness Shell, this is so sad. My heart goes out to Jess's family and friends at such a sad time. At times like this life seems so cruel and no words can take the pain away.
I'm so sorry, thinking of you all
Take care
Hugs Sue

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Shell
Im so sad to read this and I cant offer anything to help you or Katie, I really don't know what to say just now having read this
Sending you all big hugs
Jackie x

Pascale Mitchell said...

Hi Shell huge hugs to you all this is awful hunny I don't really know what to say other than Thinking of you and your family xxxxxxxxx

Sandra H said...

l'm so sorry to hear of this Shell hopefully all your love and care will help Katie to come to terms with the loss of her good friend take care xx

Joey said...

Biggest of hugs to you all Shell, such a shock and such a young age too. So very sorry. Joey xx

DesignerDiva said...

Biggest hugs to you and Katie, Shell. There are no words that can help at a time like this, I know you will be strong for your baby
Laurie xx

Sue said...

Ah Life is so unfair sometimes Shell .... hope you can all stay strong to help each other through....

Sending Huge Hugs to you all...
Love Sue xxx

Mel X said...

OMG Shell, what a cruel world we live in. I'm so sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to you and Katie, all you can do unfortunately is be there for her right now. Blogging can wait!!!

Thinking of Jess' family and yours at this terrible time.

Mel X

Debbie said...

Such sad news Shell...I'm so sorry. Thinking of you all.
Hugs Debbie x

Judith said...

Sorry I haven't seen this sooner Shell - I'm so sorry to hear this - it's so hard when kids have to deal with death at such a young age - there was a birthday memory in our paper just tonight for a friend of my son who would have been 20 today - I can't believe it's 6 years since he died - the death of a child is just so so sad and never leaves you. Sending big hugs to you and Katie xx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Awww hun, that's terrible, I am so sorry for your loss and for the terrible situation. I wish there was something I could say that would help but I know that there isn't, you and your family will all be in my thoughts hun, take care and big hugs
Lindsay xx

Manderly said...

Dear Katie,
I am so very sorry to hear the news about your friend, Jess. It is very heartbreaking to lose one so close...it feels like your heart is crushing inside your chest. For some time, you will count every 10th day of the month, and holidays and birthdays will be even harder, leaving a void in your heart as you miss your friend. I just want you to know, Katie, that tho the pain and void never really go away, it will dull some, but sometimes coming back and slapping you in the face! Please hang in there. Make your friend proud of you and continue with the plans you two made together. That would be a wonderful tribute to Katie. Katie will be in your heart always. Try to remember good times together and don't let yourself hide from others. I pray you have peace, Sweetheart. Wish I could hug you. Your Mom's friend,