22 November 2008

My baby has had all her hair cut off :0(

Danni (11) had quite long hair, but with it being red and curly it was an absolute pain to look after, I was forever straightening it for her.....so she decided to have it all cut off :0( Its really gonna take some get used to......take care



Norma said...

I dont know what Danni's hair was like before but it looks great now and a lovely colour too

Norma x

Budge said...

I love the colour of Danni's hair and the style really suits her. A beautiful young lady.
Sylv xx

Anne Marie said...

Hi Shell - I love Danni's hair. It's the cut we have been working on and I just did almost exactly the same on Katie's hair last week. must get some pics and post them.
Tell her she looks ever so grown up now.

Louise Emma said...

Awww wow Danni, it looks fab-u-lous!!! Absolutely love it hunny xxx From Aunty Lou, Unky Ady, Georgie and Em's xxxxxxxxxx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

She looks great, so grown up for 11

Chris x