21 November 2008

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH panick stations last night... lol

I was making a Bon Voyage card for my friend and hubby was quite happily playing on Guitar Hero (so much fun....can't wait to see Louise Emma my bud n her hubby on it at christmas) when there was a knock at the door, well I answered it and the man was doing a pay monthly thingy for British Red Cross...well its a charity really close to my hubbys heart so he decided to sign up.....So the man came in so they could fill out all the forms. I just got on with making the card and he started asking questions about the card I was making, (he decided he loved it :0) which made me blush lol)
Well after Nige had signed all the paper work and sorted things out, the man asked if I had any Christmas cards he could buy............arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh well no was the answer, I decided this year not to make to many, so all the cards i make go in my boxes or are for orders....Nige then reminded me of 5 cards that where for an order to be delivered tomorrow .......so decided oh well can't hurt...he bought 3 cards and paid me £10 which i think is really good....only problem was customer had already seen the cards, so have spent all day making cards as close to the origianals as possible..................hope you like them.....take care



Louise Emma said...

Awww they are fab hun xx Specially like what you did with Tatty!

Don't forget your earmuffs if u expect me to go on the Guitar Hero hun, I will be total crap!!!

Louise Emma said...

33 days to go now hunny!!!

Norma said...

Lovely cards Shell, love the bon voyage one and the middle one of the 3 christmas cards

Norma x

val090 said...

You've been busy busy busy then, I wish I had people turn up on my doorstep to buy my cards. I'd much rather make orders.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

All great cards, love the lace edge on the Xmas card, and well done on your sale

Chris x