15 September 2009

sorry its been sooooooooooo long

Well, I can't belive its been two whole weeks and I haven't posted or done much hopping (will try and catch up this week), when the girlies went back to school, I had so much time on my hands I wasn't quite sure what to do with it...lol
I also had an outpatients appointment for some minor surgery which knocked me about for a few days, its still driving me mad I can't pick anything heavier than a kettle up until next friday arggggggggggggghhhh lol so I thought whilst I was having one of my frequent sleepless nights (hubby snoring really lol) I thought I would pop on and post a few cards that I have made lately.....

First on is a few different shots (thank you snorey boy lol) of a Cheryl Cole neverending card that I did for Niges cousins lad who is 14 and potty about her..lol
I must just say that its the first card that Nige hasn't pulled a face about helping me find pics for lololol.....

sorry i did try and get them to go in order but its driving me mad lol, so I give up... if you want the measurement for this card (hubby helped me with the measurement thank you again you are a darling) just emither me, addy is in me blurb

This next card was done by KT, she really enjoyed doing it, but I think I need
to find her an easier parchment pattern next time....she was determined to do this one and for her first time with blendables and shading I don't think shes done such a bad job....

thanks for looking your coments are always welcome


Angel's Delight's said...

Woooo hoooo KT you done a grand job there hun... good for you for not giving up...
MMM my son has a little thing for Cheryl too, goes week at the knees when she is on tv sat nights, you done a great job with this card, looks a bit technical..lol..
Hope you on the mend now hun, love and best wishes to you.
Hugs Angel

Craftyanny said...

a good job!!!!! It's brilliant KT. You deserve a treat for that one, well done!!!
Love your never ending card Shell, it's brilliant. I can think of a few young lads who'd love to receive one of those lol
Anne x

Jules said...

Wow - this looks very intricate Shell. Well done.

Not surprised hubby was happy to help. LOL!!!

Hope you are feeling ok after your hospital visit - look on the bright side. If you can't lift a kettle then you have no chance with an iron .. .. .. probably for 12 months!!

Take care.

Love Jules xx

Spyder said...

Lovely cards, great idea, and clever hubby for helping. (Mine cooks! Which is good coz then I can play with glue!) Hope you're feeling a lot better.

My'scardcorner said...

Well done Kt a fab card better than my parchment tries :0) Love your Cheryl card Shell and bet it was a hit.,Hope youre feeling better know the feeling :0)

Budge said...

KT you have done a brilliant job with your card. You are better at parchment than me.

Shell love your neverending card.
hope you are soon feeling better.

Sylv xx

Lizx said...

wow well done kt its beautiful and i think you have done so well with your shading its lovely
Hugs n lov Lizx xxx

Pat said...

KT what a smashing job you have done with your parchement. Keep it up as its a lovely craft to do.

Shell the Cheryl card is super well done
Love Pat xx

rhomin said...

Two stunning cards ! The neverending card is so clever and must have taken you ages. Can see why hubby was willing to help :)

KT you have made a great job with the parchment card. A really difficult technique to learn and you have really done well with this one. Much better blending than my first attempt - in fact after several goes it's still much better than mine now. Keep learnin, there's so much out there for you to try.

Hope you will soon feel a lot better Shell. Frustrating being restricted with lifting things but hope in the long run you get some improvement. Take care.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Shell, brilliant never ending card, perfect for a teenage boy, and KT..WOW that is so stunning, what a talented young lady you are. Hope you're feeling a bit better now Shell, just take it easy and make the most of getting waited on.

Chris xx

Louise Emma said...

Brilliant work from you both as usual! Sorry I haven't been able to be around much for you babe, I have missed you tonnes x Only 5 weeks to go on Wednesdsay till we see you!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it goes fast. Brilliant card (the neverending one) I haven't seen one of them before, love it. Fab colouring on the parchment Katie, well done babes xxx Love you all xxxx