30 August 2008

thought I'd show you

these are a couple of cards my girls made

my youngest (10)Katie made this using the Glitter Girls board she loved making it.....I think she made a real good job of it

Danni (11) made the fish card for her grandad and he loved it
just thought I would share them with you..............

27 August 2008

Our fab day out at Hoylake

We had a fab day bank holiday monday we went to Hoylake on the Wirral. The Red Arrows were flying and WOW!!! they were fantastic thought you would like to see some pics

this is Red Ten Andy who does all the commentry for the arrows

Its really scary they look like they are gonna hit each other. In one of there formations there was only 6 foot between wing tips and they are flying at 400 mph. The heart with the arrow through is made by the syncro pair. The other picture is of my girlies with my eldests boyfriend who came out for the day with us.
Fab day was had by all especially my hubby...

24 August 2008

In two hours only managed two cards arghhhhhhh!!!

Decided to make have a good go at getting some christmas cards done.....ha what a waste of time that was only got two done in two hours, how bad is that. My hands are driving me insane at the moment.....

Anyway thank you to Maureen P for the fab images

thanks for looking


20 August 2008

Here Goes Nothing

Thought as I don't have time to do any h*******k already I would find another excuse to get out of it...
Hope to get some cards on here tomorrow, still trying to navigate around it. Its soooooooooo scary but I'm hoping I will get better.