23 October 2009

just a quicky

I thought I had better post before I ran out of time, we are going away next week for a few days and I can't wait....We are going down to Bognor to stop with my best mate Louise and her family...and I am so so excited...

Well last week was an absolute nightmare, my baby (KT) got swine flu, and she was so poorly with it, her temp was 103.4 at one point which really worried me. But thankfully shes great now bak to being her normal hypoactive self lol....driving us all mad now shes better...

Well in all the stress of KT being poorly I did manage to make a few cards .....

This one I made for Niges cousins GF thought I would put brolly on a card instead of in a box and I also made a neverending card with popcorn bear all over which I forgot to take pics of Doh!!!

This is one I made last month for a card swap I do every month, loving the new D & D stamps

12 October 2009

Well hello!!!!

First of all I would like to say thank you all for your birthday wishes and all my cards....WOW you lot must really love me lol...I can't believe how many I got, and my hubby and girlies all made me theres will post pics real real soon, as soon as I can get Nige to take pics of them all .....thanks again xxxx

Well it seems ages since I posted on my blog..well it is nearly two whole weeks....whats the matter with me? I have no idea other than, I have a few health problems at the moment and my head is totally in the shed....
I am just really lucky to have a great hubby and my girlies, and my best bud Louise and her family they are all there for me and I love them for it.....
Lou hun, its only 16 days till we come see you yipppppppppppppppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait hun

Anyways back to my cards I have made a few but to be honest I have sold them before I have had chance to take a pic of them lol
This one I made for Louise's dog Rolo, its his 6? birthday on the 15th lol I'm a bit of a softy when it comes to animals. My Charlie dog always has a cake from the doggie shop yes I know sad, but I loves my boy lol..

I love making these shaped cards think I'm addicted to these and the never ending ones...lol

This card oh I loved painting, he is so adorable...I made this card for my hubbies cousin and he loved it which is always great..

Thank you for your comments huge hugs xxx