30 June 2009

Your Never Gonna Belive This....

Well I was sat at my laptop earlier having just posted, gets a phone call from KT's school (primary) saying can I pick her up straight away because they are evacuating the school .....One case of swine flu has been diagnosed a girl in year 2 thankfully KT is in year 6 so little if any contact has happened....but my BIG problem with this is if they had closed Danni's school down the other week maybe this situation could have been avoided....

Anyways theres my rant over, gonna go and play Mario Cart on the Wii with one very happy little bunny lol


Well at the moment sorting my laptop out is taking over my life...lol I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel....I started with 22000 different images, backingpapers that sorta thing, and now I'm down to 15000, deleted so so so much rubbish that I will never ever use...
And everything is in its own little named folder, so I can find things a a click of me mouse....

And ladies I asked a question a few months ago, about painting on printed out images, ya know the black and white outlined ones...well my darling hubby decided to do some investigating, cus I was getting so frustrated, having all these images and not being able to use them....Well he is a star, he bought me a black and white laser printer and guess wot.....It doesn't run I have only had a quick play but will post some cards in the next few days of the results....In my opinion its the same as painting a proper stamped image...no bleeding no nothing, its perfect..

Yes I know I shouldn't use my blog for this purpose but I just wanted to say a big thank you to my darling hubby for my laptop and printer he is da bomb!!!

Anyways sorry about all the dribble here's two cards I made a few weeks ago ...yes I am gonna actually make a card today...lol

27 June 2009

Well this week has simply flown by....I haven't made one card this week, I haven't even sat at my craft table since Sunday and that was only to tidy it up...lol

Nige my darling hubby bought me a laptop last Saturday (as some of you know, sometimes I find it really painfull to sit at the computer), so since Monday I have been sorting out my card making files...lol I started on Monday with 22000 files and upto today I have sorted through about two thirds and deleated about 8000 of them.....still got loads to do....

Then last night while I was blog hoppin I bought some digi stamped image thingys off Dotty's world so have decided to have a play....

Anyway heres a card a made a few weeks ago to say thank you to a friend....

thanks for looking xxx

18 June 2009

Thank you to my friends

Just a quicky about Danni....well the school didn't shut, there were protests and the local paper tried to get them to close but they wouldn't....we heard that on Monday the teacher who had 'swine flu' was back at school....I foned up my doc and she said the school was safe now...not sure how really cus they hadn't had any extra cleaning done....so Danni is now back at school and everything seems to be ok....thankfully...

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all you support over the last week ...emails, phone calls, text messages and for just being there, huge hugs xxx

Well this card was made for a very special person...my bestest bud Louise http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/ pop over cus shes got some fab cards and always good for a giggle....This card took me blooming ages, the cutting out around the edge alone took 5 hours...Lou has told me she is gonna frame it...the little darling lol...The thing is if I had made that card for a none crafter they just wouldn't of appreciated it, so it makes it worth while when its appreciated...loves ya babe!!

thanks for looking

11 June 2009

My efforts from last night

Hello everyone quick update on the oinking....Danni is still off school and shes not going bak for a while as we found out last night that 3 other people have it and the teacher we thought had it in Danni's year (we thought it was her head of year so she doesn't have much to do with him) but we have found out its her P.E. teacher so she spends 7 hours a week with him and 2 hours after school as well, so needless to say I'm in a bit of a tizzzzzzzzzzzz

And the blurry school is still open....wots that all about!!!

Anyway my friend Ammara came round last night and we did a couple of hours crafting (always better when you've got a friend). Ammara had been looking through my mags the other day when she came round, and decided she wanted to have ago at this wardrobe, silly me I says yeah sure no probs I'll download the template from http://www.papercraftinspirationsmagazine.co.uk/ and sort out card and stuff....so she came round last night...lololol there were no instructions lol so we just winged it hope you like it...had to use eyelets cus I ain't got no beads lol but I think it came out ok in the end....

thanks for looking

9 June 2009

Just so annoyed....

Well ladies my darling daughter last night came home with the most pathetic letter from school you have ever seen
Someone at Danni's school has SWINE FLU, basically he has been quarantined (sorry can't spell lol) thats was all the letter sed arggggggggggggggggggghhhhhh oh and that the kids were to goto school as normal....
Well me being scared of all that can scare me lol yeah ok tad paranoid....well I phoned up our docs and her being a kinda really nice doc (for a change) told me it was a year 7 teacher (Danni is in year 7) and a year 7 pupil has now been diagnosed.....
She advised me it was my decission as to wether I send Danni to school or not. So she is sitting here with me and shes gonna help me make a few cards for orders lol....
Can't believe the school I phoned them up this morning to say she wasn't going in...they asked why and I sed why do you think and the silly cow sed that Danni's education was more important than an over protective mom....oh she better stay away from me cus might just have to slap her lol
anyway if any of you here me OINKIN please tell me
hope you all have a fab day oink oink xxx

Thought I would post pics of a card I did in my craft class...I love the concept ofthe dept the folds give you It kinda puts the card in a frame and keeps it clean....would be ideal for those 'special' cards lol

5 June 2009

Yo Yo !!!!

Well the challange over on http://funkyfairyschallengeblog.blogspot.com/ this week was a recipe which you had to use the following .....1 ribbon, 2 flowers, 3 buttons and 4 patterned papers......

The inspiration for this card came from our daughter KT who keeps going on about buying a Yo-Yo, well I started thinking about when I was at school and had one and did 'around the world' and of course 'walk the dog' it also falls in nicely with a friends birthday, she has dogs and dresses up in some strange outfits when she goes out on the town...

Thanks for looking

3 June 2009

A pretty card

I made this parchment card for my cousin and his wife who have just had (20/05/09)their 3rd baby, a gorgeous little girl called Carly...I thought this card would be perfect.

The first time I did it I just wasn't happy with it, so I did it again and this time layered up the skirt thingy at the bottom...I am really pleased with it this time ....Thank you to my best bud Louise for the ribbon it goes perfectly xx

1 June 2009

Daisy and Dandelion challange

This weeks challange over at http://daisyanddandelionchallengeblog.blogspot.com/ is to follow their sketch with the option of using something recycled....well having a dad who is a painter and decorator has its advantages .....the caramel backing is left over wallpaper...I know not recycled as such but it was just gonna go in the bin...lol
For this card I have used the Daisy stamp, caramel coloured wallpaper (thanks dad) a piece of striped card from my stash the diamond is embossed using a GG board sorry can't remember which one think its the romance lol the sentimanet is D & D Glitterpot exclusive and the flower is a Freds Flower http://fred-she-said.blogspot.com/ digi download. Oh and my Whispers pen to add faux stitching.
thanks for looking

Thank you so much xxx

Wow!!! that will teach me to log on a bit more often lol....Well I have had an absolutely fabulous weekend we went to lake Vernwy (sorry if its spelt wrong) in Wales on Friday...as some of you know our youngest KT loves birdwatching with her Dad and as springwatch is on the TV at the moment she wanted to go and see if Simon was there....well we walked...well I hobbled lol for miles and didn't see him...but we did see lots of birds that we hadn't seen before, so KT was happy anyways ...

Anyway back to my awards I have recieved....just to say a big thank you to Chris http://wellniftycards.blogspot.com/ and Myra http://myscardcreations.blogspot.com/ for my fab award

The rules for this award are: nominate 5 - 10 blogs that you feel show great attitude and gratitude......

Well my nominees are:

maureen http://maureen-palmer.blogspot.com/

Jules http://jules-alwayswithaheart.blogspot.com/

Sylvia http://craftycuttlebug.blogspot.com/

Val http://valscraftroom.blogspot.com/

Angel http://angel-angelsdelights.blogspot.com/

This award I received from my bestest bud Louise http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/ she is such a special lady and I love her to bits thank you xxx

Its a gift of love award to be given to other bloggers with love.....
Well in answer to who am I gonna give it to....everyone that comments on my blog deserves this award and thanks for taking the time out of their day to comment thank you all so much