29 April 2009

New Dandelion and Daisy stamps x

Well I managed to get my hands an the new Dandelion and Daisy stamps, and they are to die for....thought I would use Onion and paint him in the colours of my hubbies footie team Wolves and make him a special card celebrating the fact that they are champions of the Championship and are therefore being promoted to the Premiership....I made a card using this movable flap bit at my craft class and thought I would use the same idea....hope you like it, my hubby did x

27 April 2009

A few new cards

Well my best friend Louise, its her moms birthday next week and as she said she liked my parchment lady I thought I would try something a bit different, blendables....still not sure if I like how its turnied out but my hubby thinks its great...but then hes gotta say that lol... oh and itis my first attempt at an A4 card ..... This next card is made using my new stamps Ibought on my hols by Clare Curd...they are really crisp and clear stamps...I watercoloured the image and just used papers and bits outta my stash the only thing I bought was the tassel...Oh its for my step-sisters birthday....

24 April 2009

Gonna have a moan.....Sorry!!

Oh well, I will appologise for this before I start..sorry!!...I have been up since 5am and haven't slept all night...I went to see my Rhumatologist (sorry if spelt wrong) on Wednesday night, so expected to ache lots yesterday, because she gets me in some strange positions stretching my muscles and all that, It usually takes a few days to get over seeing her.....Well I woke up yesterday feeling great, a bit sick (not sure why!!) but didn't ache that bad...so me being me and me being a silly me decided to take Charlie for a quick walk, which turned into about 45 mins walk. Then after that I decided to do the ironing left from our hols (which took nearly 2 hours..)...after that I decided to get the step thingy out of the shed and clean the windows, oh and before that I had hoovered through downstairs and hung out the washing (towels which are no good for my wrists at the best of times), then I decided to take Charlie down to the school to get KT...so today I am really sore and achy and just wanna sleep...lol sorry to moan but I do feel better now, hugs

21 April 2009

WOW....Hello I'm Back From My Hols xxx

Well, what a week!! We had an absolute fantastic time on our hols in Paignton....the weather ws soooooooo warm and sunny, Nige and KT are all nicely tanned now, lol ...

Well what did we do...oh yeah we went to Trago Mills and I spent lots of pennies on craft stuff, I bought so much stuff I can't remember it all, stamps, stamps and more stamps, acetate, punches, x-cut shapes, cardstock oh and watercolour card/paper....oh yeah I also treated Nige to a sea fishing rod, reel, wiggly things that go on it somewhere, so all in all it was money well spent...lol We had a fab time...just a shame I have to do all the washing and ironing when we get back....

Anyway made a few cards before we went away and didn't post pics so will post them now....the two birdy ones where for my hubbys uncle for his birthday, he loves his birdies and is a member of RSPB and the Avacet (Ithink thats what its called) is their mascot emblem thingy lol...the other is Milo I love him sooooooooo cute card for my mate who has just moved into a beautiful new house Good Luck Jue hope it all works out for ya babe xxx

7 April 2009

What a crap week!!!

Well this last week has been a nightmare....we took our dog Charlie out for his usual walk, to a place we go to often (Croxden Abbey) and the poor thing got jumped by a great big fat overweight choc Lab...well my poor boy felt sorry for himself for a few days. Not sure how it happened but the big fat overweight monster landed on Charlies front foot and he cried everytime he put it down, that was last Sunday (I think LOL) and he hobbled around for a few days but by wednesday he was annoying me again lol...

Well I did make quite a few cards last week but forgot to take pics of them doh!!! and the ones I did take pics of I can't post because they are for my bud Louise...so can't post pics till she recieves them...

But there is one I can post pic of cus it was for a friends birthday

sorry the pics not very good but I was a bit drunk when I took it lol.....I tried to shape the petals so they had got a curve to them, I think the fibres on the side just finish the card off....my friend loved it
TAKE CARE Shell xxx