27 May 2009

I changed my mind.... lol

Well if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will remember I posted a picture of the card I had done for Nige's birthday (Dandelion fishing) well a few days after I did that card I went to what used to be our local Craft Central, thankfully the garden center its in has bought them out, so the craft store stays yippeee...well walking round there, just having a look cus there was nothing that I really needed, this beautiful stamp jumped into my hand....my hubby loves he's old aircraft we regularly go to Cosford Aircraft Museum and hopefully we are going in a few weeks to the airshow there... Nige wants to see the Vulcan flying as it looks like its the only chance....anyway getting back to my card lol....I thought the stamp would be perfect...and guess what he loved it (well the spitfire is one of his favs) I really enjoyed making it and as I don't usually like making mens cards its a plus lol

26 May 2009

Where can I get this stamp from??

A while ago I did a stamped image swap...well I found this image in amongst somethings the other day (while I was tidying up my craft stuff lol ) and fell in love with her...she is such a cutie...can you help by letting me know where she is from please, because I think I might have to buy her lol....hope you all had a fab Bank Holiday weekend x

card from a friend

A while ago Val http://valscraftroom.blogspot.com/ whos blog is a must visit had a thing on her blog, where if you left your name she would send you a card handmade by her, well here's mine she sent to me and its lovely thank you so much Val....and as for the shoe topper you sent ....my youngest KT saw it and it disappeared lol...but when she has made a card using it I will post the pic...thanks again x

15 May 2009

another blog challenge card

Well a few of you did say that once I started doing the challanges I would be hooked...lol....well heres my second challange card, forthe challange over at 'Stampin Chic' http://clarecurdsignaturerange.blogspot.com/ following their sketch, I just hope I have followed it ok

11 May 2009

Well I have taken the plunge my first Challange entry xx

After visiting the Daisy and Dandelion blog http://daisyanddandelion.blogspot.com/ I decided to enter their challange.....well after much deliberation I decided to enter the card I did for my Dad for Fathers day...Squeak decorating...thanks for looking xxx

People I really really really really need your help.....

Well my problem is really annoying me now and I don't know what to do....so was wondering if any of you fab ladies out there could help....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
As you can see buy the last few posts I am loving the stamping now, and the watercolouring is soooooooooooo relaxing, I just tend to stamp off a load of images and paint them all in one go....Well I decided to purchase some stamped image download thingies....and they are gorgeous.....but I have tried every setting this way and that on my printer, but the ink still bleeds into the paint.....I have thought about buying these new pens everyone is going on about, but I don't think I would enjoy it as much as I do my painting.....also with saving my pennies for a new camera for hubby I can't justify spending on pens when I have already got Sakura watercolours and a load of H20's and cosmic shimmer paints........

So the help is much welcome please!!!!! its driving me mad...lol and wasting card......lol

9 May 2009

Three new cards....

Well I have been really busy the last few days trying to get cards done for friends birthdays this month and a card swap that I do every month....Well the topic this month for my card swap was elegant ladies...this card is for the swap....well after looking on a new disc I bought from our local craft fair (Art Deco Ladies) I decided to print off a few more and use them for a few friends birthdays I have this month....Hope you like them....

8 May 2009

Hubby's birthday and fathers day xxxx

Thought I would make my dad his fathers day card, and as he is a painter and decorator by trade the new Dandelion and Daisy mens collection stamps were perfect....hope you like it....Also its Niges birthday on the 21st and thought I could use the fishing stamp from this set as he loves his sea fishing.....yeah I know its not a sea fishing image, well before we had the girls he used to go carp fishing all the time so its kinda suitable lol

6 May 2009

I'm back now!!! lol

We are back from our surprise visit to Bognor to see my bestest buddy Louise...We decided a few weeks ago to go and see her and turn up without her knowing anything about it...well I managed to keep it a secret for 2 weeks, how, I have no idea...I did slip up a few times and had to tell a few white lies to cover myself..lol But it was well worth seeing her face when she opened the door shouting "It's you, It's you" lol...The poor darling is now in hospital having treatment for arthritis....I have spoken to her on the fone tonight and she is tired and sore but ok...and says Hi...

I made her this card to take in hospital with her...I love it, its one of those cards you don't wanna give to anyone...lol