27 February 2009

Hope you like it !!!!!!

I started a parchment class about a month ago, and absolutely fell in love with it. It is soooooooooo relaxing even the girlies are having ago....

I finished my first piece yesterday so I thought I would post on here and see what my cyber buddies thought....

If anyone wants the pattern email me and I will send it to you.....she is gorgeous...

For those of you that want to know...

1st I traced the pattern using a mapping tool and white ink

2nd I traced the ladies face and neck using a mapping tool and sepia ink

3rd I traced her necklace and ear ring using mapping tool and gold ink

4th I coloured her hair with blending pencils (WH Smith do a box of 36 for £3.99 and they are great)

5th I then used Dorso crayon (thingys) to shade the pink of her face, the background a shade of peach and her hat and shoulders purple (I have been told that if you can't afford the proper pergamarno Dorso oil ( about £5) for blending them Linseed oil works the same....but muppet here bought the wrong one so still had to buy the proper stuff (SHHHHHHHHHH don't tell Nige lol)

6th I used the technique called "dip dab" around the brim of her hat (all the little dots)

7th I then painted inside her ear ring and the ovals on her necklace with pearl paint

8th I then did all the embossing which I loved doing along with the shading on the flowers and leaves

9th I then painted her eyes and lips, turning her over to lightly emboss her lips giving her a pout

10th I then shaded in the creases of her hat and dress using blending pencils

11th I then used a 2-split tool around the edge (which was the part I was dreading, to do all that work then rip it)

Then its done....lol

sorry about the waffling but I thought I would explain how I did my pretty lady and I am so addicted to parchment...

TAKE CARE Shell xxx

26 February 2009

Wow!!! my award is from four people firstly my bestest bud Louise loves ya babe xx you always make me smile with your waffling hun xxx and ya cards are great to xxxhttp://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/
and secondly a ladies who gives me such insperation on her blog and she is also a lovely person http://wellniftycards.blogspot.com/........ Chris thanks for all the fab comments you leave on my blog hun your a diamond
http://joolsedesigns.blogspot.com/ thirdly off a lady who blog is full to bursting with ideas keep up the good work hun
http://valscraftroom.blogspot.com/ and last but not least Val who makes some absolutely stunning cards
This award is to say thank you for being a 'Good Commenter!'
Well I love looking at other peoples blogs, I get inspiration and most of the blogs I visit regular give me a good giggle as well xxxx
I would like to give this award to the following ladies who always leave comments on my blog ....thank you ladies so much xxxx
argggggggggggggggghhhhhh now I am gonna scream...all my regular comments come from you ladies who have sent me the award....but as you do regularly post I am sending it bak to you....sorry if this is confusing but I don't think I should give it to those who only comment occasionally...enough with the waffle lol
thank you all again your comments are appreciated xxxx

16 February 2009

Noddy & Big Ears!!!!!

Yes I know I do get the weird requests...and yes Ju you know its you hun...lol

My good friend Ju phoned and asked if I could do a card with Noddy & Big Ears on, yes I said, thinking that with her having 3 kids it would be for one of them....lol I was soooooooooooo wrong lol it was a request from her mom, for her partner who will be 60 next month, and absolutely adores Noddy....so after a lot of messing between me and my fab hubby and brill bud Lou we came up with this.....hope you like...!!!!!


13 February 2009

Another Award!!!!

I received this off my gorgeous friend Louise http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/ I have honestly never met a person like you Lou you put yourself out to help anyone, its an honour to call you my friend ...you's da bomb babe xxxx

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.I would like to pass this onto the following people for their friendship and Inspiration.
I would like to pass this award to...
http://angel-angelsdelights.blogspot.com/ Angel your blog is fab hun full of inspiration xx
http://maureen-palmer.blogspot.com/ Oh what can I say about Maureen your cards are fab and you are always willing to help out thank you xx
http://joaniescorner-joanie.blogspot.com/ Joanie's blog is full of fab things, tutorials in psp....she helps people out so muchxx
enjoy ladies xxx

My Award!!!!

I received this award from a lady who's blog I started visiting a few weeks ago, after she left a lovely comment on one of my cards...http://angel-angelsdelights.blogspot.com/ thank you so much for the award hun...keep up the good work your blog is fab !!!!
I have to pass this on to my fav Blogs so here goes.....
http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/ Lou hun your an absolute one in a million, oh and you make a cracking card as well lol xxxx
http://wellniftycards.blogspot.com/ Chris your blog is full of inspiration your cards are fab xx
http://franmade.blogspot.com/ I love this blog, its well worth a visit for some fab ideas xx

12 February 2009

HA I did say never again....well I was asked nicely lol..

Well in a previous posting I did say "Damn Pain In The Arse"....well I was asked nicely, so I said yes....ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHH next time not a chance ....the time it took to make this card and get the damn velum straight I think the snow came, melted then came again...it is such a pretty card but all the cutting and lining up and all of it really drove me mad...oh and its Thursday and I need to make a Valentines day card for my own grubby lol...

What do you think? Do you think it was worth the two trips to the craft shop, because I forgot what I wentfor the first time....oppss!!!