10 December 2008

My Hubby Is A Numpty.....

Well it's taken us until today to get the tree down from the loft...but not without incident lol....Nige decided after getting the tree down he would drop the loft hatch out of the loft and onto his face....ouch!!!! all I heard was a lot of swearing, after finding him holding himself up on the door frame, I looked at his face poor baby had spilt open his nose and cut above his eye brow.....
Well the tree is up and will post pic laters

8 December 2008

Wot a weekend

Well had a really bad weekend this week, arranged for my Dad to watch the girls for us so we could go shopping and get their pressies.....well it all went wrong ...decided to go about 50 miles away from where we wanted to go shopping (Nige was willing to do this as well) to show support for a friend who is doing it tough at the moment, for it then to all go wrong and me thinking I was doing a kind thing and supporting a friend, got it all thrown back in my face. Well after that didn't really feel like shopping, went into Walsal and got the girlies a few things..... but also managed to get a gorgeous bunch of flowers out of it lol.....
Hope this week is better xx
Take care SHELLxx