28 March 2009

I got another award 2 in 2 days....

Well this award arrived from my blog buddy Chris http://wellniftycards.blogspot.com/ you really need to go and look at her blog she makes some stunning cards xxx Thank you hun xxx

This award is to be passed on to all that comment on my blog, well here goes....

Everyone else that takes the time to visit my blog, bloggers and non bloggers, please take it, it's for you too

TAKE CARE Shell xxx

27 March 2009

Wow I got an uber award!!!!!

Well today my blog buddy Angel http://angel-angelsdelights.blogspot.com/ (whos blog is fab) gave me this award....Thank you so much hunny xxx

Right now for the difficult part...
This award must be given to blogs that...

inspire you...
make you smile and laugh...
maybe gives you information...
a good read....
amazing ideas...
and anything else that makes you think they are Uber amazing blogs....
You have to post the award and nominate 5 blogs that fit the criteria...
well errrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm....ok here goes...lol

Louise my bestest bud xxx http://the-lou-natic-asylum.blogspot.com/

Angel who sent me this award, but manages to run two blogs so I will send it to your parchment blog hun xxx http://mylittleworldofparchmentcraft.blogspot.com/

Jooles blog has some absolute fab ideas http://joolsedesigns.blogspot.com/

Anny's blog is always full of fab cards and never fail too inspire me http://craftyannyskoolkardz.blogspot.com/

Maureen's blog has some beautiful cards and she is also a lovely person http://maureen-palmer.blogspot.com/

Hope you enjoy your awards ladies you deserve them


25 March 2009

mothers day

Well sorry I haven't posted for a while, my back has been that bad I haven't been able to sit up at the computer for very long....today is the first time since Saturday (boo hoo)

I thought you might like to see my Mothers Day cards I got off my girlies....

This beautiful card is off our youngest Katie (11) she absolutely loved doing it (now shes addicted just like her mom lol) the only thing is her dad dripped ribeanna on it at the bottom, and it won't come off. I suggested that she put a bow on it but she liked it made it unique lol...

This card with the beautiful yellow roses is off our eldest Danni who was 12 on the 23rd argggghhh can't believe shes gonna be a teenager next March lol
I just wanted to say a great big thank you to my beautiful girlies xxxx

18 March 2009

1 more of the 6 argghhhh lol...

Yes I know they were ment to be done for last night, but thankfully we aren't going to visit Nige's Aunty & Uncle till tomorrow....so so glad lol..... now I am confused ...I have got 8 cards to make by tomorrow night....Two for my mate which are the bloke behind the bar and Thomas the Tank, which I have done and are in a previous post.....Two for Niges cousin for his mom for her birfday which is the flower in the last post and an anniversary card for his mom & dad which is the silhouette couple below.....Two for Niges uncle a birfday one which I haven't taken pic of yet (Will do tomorrow!) and a box card that I have already done before and posted pics so no need....right ok thats 6 done...now I just need two from us to them for anniversary and birfday..arggggggggggggggghhhhh and I thought I was done....lol

This card I used dancing with shadows cd and my fav die-cut the daisey die .....just hope they like it

This card is for my mate for her mom for mothers day....it's a card kit that you just print, cut out and stick together. Perfect for when my hands are hurting and absolutely gorgeous I love it....


17 March 2009

thought I'd show you

Well its Tuesday and I have got 6 cards to make for tonight, so what am I doing on here lol...I have made 2, so only got 4 left lol

I thought I would show you the 2 I have already done. Oh and another one as well lol

This flower card is for my hubbys Aunty, who is an absolute darling...

Just love using my Fiskars lace punch it kinda finishes off the card, along with a gorgeous "Flutterbut" that my friend Louise sent to me...thank hun xxx

This card I made for my good friend who has recently move house......big hugs for ya hunny xxx

This card I made for my friend, whos Nephew is being Christened on his 1st birthday (and Mothers Day lol) I really struggled with the wording on this, not sure why but just hit a wall...Louise to the rescue again, she helped me with the wording on the front and the inside....thanks Lou xxx

"There are two special reasons to celebrate today, your 1st Birthday and your Christening, Congratulations"

Thank you all for leaving your comments, I love reading them xxx

TAKE CARE Shell xxx

16 March 2009

Well its official my hubby is such a numpty!!!!

We decided to go to Wales on Saturday to go and see an absolutely gorgeous waterfall at .......sorry Nige not here and I can't remember .....

Well the weather was fab but windy....the girls myself and Charlie decided not to climb upto the front of the waterfall as it was quite steep and the rocks were covered in slimey moss, and Charlie ain't to good on things like that.....

Well I was stood talking to Danni and there was a splash...lol yes Nige had tried to cross the bottom of the waterfall and fell in...no sorry I didn't have a camera he had it, but Oh I did laugh and so did the girlies. Nige just went bright red lol....if you look at the pic of the waterfall right at the bottom where the rocks start on the left..that is where my hubby went for a paddle lololol feel free to laugh, because we did....lots

Here is a pic of his poorly leg which he scraped down one of the rocks...he is feeling sooooooooooo damn sorry for himself

TAKE CARE Shell xx

13 March 2009

I 've Got Leaky Eyes!!!!

LOUISE EMMA LIDDLE you are such a nawty nawty girlie...but I loves ya loads hunny xxx

My postie came this morning with a parcel.....well I knew I was getting a parcel off Lou with the girls easter cards in....so opened it and out fell a Penny Black stamp ...one that I absolutely adore but haven't been able to get...and a gorgeous card with a cow on lololol...

Lou hunny you are one hell of a special friend, I miss you loads xxxx

big hugs for you, Ady and the girlies..miss you all...

oh shit you've really made my eyes leak today lol


Mothers Day card

Well what a pain...my oldest friend came round for her tea last Sunday, as she does every now and then....well the subject got on to Mothers Day, would I do a card for her Mom...Well yeah of course...What do you want on it?

Don't know....so after about an hour looking through my disks and the net....she decided on this as her Mom loves a tipple...(don't we all lol) just hope she likes it.....

Also she asked me to do a card for her Nephew Charlie who will be 1 on Mothers Day and is also being Christened...thanks Lou for helping me with the wording....will post card laters as I haven't quite finished it....

10 March 2009

I would love this stamp!!!!

Hi, I have finally started feeling better (weather still wet so not much) went out for a nice long walk on saturday, and paid for it on sunday.....My back drove me mad all day.

Well last night at my craft class we made this card and I love it...

The bodice and shoes are stamped and heat embossed with seafoam embossing powder, the skirt is the netting stuff you use for a wedding favour......the corners and sentiment are stamped in black and heat embossed with clear powder.....
The bodice stamp is gorgeous the bottom part (which I have cut off) looks like lots of beads hanging down....love it!!!

hope you like it


5 March 2009

What a muppet!!!

I feel such a muppet, with all the rubbish thats happening at the moment, Nige is feeling really down and just isn't himself, so I saw this parchment pattern in last months Parchment mag well I thought what the heck I'll give it ago, can't do much wrong lol
Well this is the end result and i am quite pleased with it.....
So here comes the muppet part...lol....I spent about 20 minutes looking for a really nice verse to put inside, just to let Nige know hes not on his own through this.....I found the perfect one.....it starts
I love the way you look at me
Your eyes so bright & blue.

Well with my head in a spin at the moment I kinda remember thinking you need to change that cus Nige has got gorgeous brown eyes....well I didn't, I forgot and printed it, gave it to him...and he said gorgeous card hun, but whos it for?
I said you, you noggin,.....he then fell about laughing and pointed out my mistake....oops....
So I took the card off him crossed it out and put "Shitty brown eyes" instead....lol

Hope you like the card

TAKE CARE Shell xxx

1 March 2009

I got another award xxx

Wow...I feel all warm n fluffy, thank you to my friends Angel http://angel-angelsdelights.blogspot.com/ and Chris http://wellniftycards.blogspot.com/ for this fab award...please pop over to their blogs they both give loadsa inspiration and plenty of giggles as well lol....thank you ladies xxx

Right now I must put the top ten Blogs that I visit well here goes .....

as I am doing this I realise everyone that I want to send it to has already given it to me soooooooooo what I have decided to do is give it to all of those that regularly visit my blog and comment...because if you visit mine I will always do my best to visit yours xxxx

If your name is not in the list I am sorry but if I do visis your blog then take the award and leave your name then I can add it as I go along.....Hope you understand that cus I bloody well don't lol

Thank you to my friends

Take Care Shell xxx